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What about Graphics?  We encourage clients to provide their own graphics, but we do require a permission statement from the copyright owner(s), as well as copies of model releases, if applicable.  We offer non-exclusive use of our clipart and stock graphics free of charge, or we can design graphics specifically for you at our hourly rate.

Who "owns" the site?   All customer-supplied materials remain the property of the customer. Once the site design is "finished" and the final payment made, the client retains all rights, with the exception of our clipart or stock graphics.  We do reserve the right to request removal of our logo or link(s) to our URL should the client or a third party significantly alter the appearance of the site (we would hope the customer would contact us first for any changes to the site, for whatever reason they may be necessary).

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Do I need Internet access to have a home page? It's not absolutely necessary; you could run to your local library and check on your site and get your e-mail (if they let you), sign up for an Internet-based email account, or get free e-mail through Juno if you have a computer and modem. This might be all you need for personal use. 
   However, if you expect to establish any kind of web presence for business purposes, you should be Net-savvy enough to know what else is out there, what your competition is doing, where to find additional resources, etc., so that you can make informed decisions and focus your marketing approach appropriately.  Most ISPs charge under $20./mo. for unlimited access, and some offer limited access packages for well under $10./mo. -- hardly an unreasonable expense for any size business.


What goes into designing a site? A site is made up of basically the content, i.e., the text on each page, and the graphics. The graphic site elements include banners, buttons, your logo, images, background, accent graphics, and more, depending on your preferences. You may provide us with your own graphics, select from stock images, or have us create new graphics specifically for your site.
    We prefer to receive the content from the client, but we will be glad to assist you in its development. Web site organization, being interactive and non-linear, does not follow the same rules as organization for print, so it often takes considerable rethinking and rearranging of existing materials to make them suitable for the web.

Why should I pay you? My son/daughter/niece/nephew/neighbor's kid got a fancy wysiwyg html editor for Christmas and will do it for free!  That's great for your personal home page!  But let me ask you this: if you were building a physical store, wouldn't you hire an architect and construction firm to do this for you?  After all, they are professionals and know the ins and outs of the building trade and how to make sure that your store is solid. You might even hire professionals to furnish and stock your shelves and so forth.
Or: can you really consider yourself a professional artist, just because you've finished a paint-by-numbers picture?
     The same applies to commercial online enterprises. For your store to be solid and successful, you need to hire professionals.  Unless you'd rather build just a roadside stand....

Why should I pay for hosting?  Nothing wrong with the Freebies, and if you're only putting up a non-commercial "personal" site, you're probably better off. If you have a for-profit venture with a small niche market and an established clientele, you probably will do fine with the freebies as well. However -- if you intend to market your site through the search engines, be aware that many of them won't list it if it is hosted on the freebies; this includes Geocities and AOL, and many others. Reason: too much SPAM coming from those domains and too many unreliable sites.
   If you're serious about your business, then your own domain becomes a "must" -- people simply (for no good reason!) feel more comfortable dealing with a site at "www.yourbiz.com" instead of "www.members.isp.com/~yourname/ yoursite.htm" -- besides, it's easier to type! Especially for small businesses, appearance is extremely important, and your own URL adds to the professional image.


My Internet Service Provider doesn't provide web space (or charges too much). Where can I find a home for my site?  We will be glad to discuss your hosting needs with you. Several of our clients are using hosting services that cost as little as $15.00 PER YEAR.

I have a site I want to host , but don't know much about uploading files.  What kind of support do you offer? In the words of one of our customers: "Your support is phenomenal."  The hosting firms we use provide an extensive online manual for their hosting customers and try their best to answer additional questions, troubleshoot, or help you any other way. Most of this support is provided free of charge, but please realize that their time is valuable, and if you require extensive help, you will incur extra charges .

What happens if we make a website for someone and they fail to pay the invoice in the terms of the invoice?
We take your website down until the invoice is paid. There will also be a $60.00 fee charged for us to reactivate your website. You will also lose control of your domain name until the invoice is paid in full.

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